Library card

Everyone living i Norway can get a library card. Children under 15 years, and everyone that can’t provide a valid identification (ID-card with photo and norwegian social security number) can get a local library card. Children under 15 years must bring a parent or a guard. Everyone above the age of 15 that can provide valid identification can get a national library card. This card is valid in all public libraries in Norway, and grants access to a number of rescources, such as e-books, e-audiobooks, movies, encyclopedias and so on.

  • Library card is free for everyone.
  • Show identification at the counter.
  • Keep address, phone and mail updated.
  • Students must provide home address as well.
  • Replacement cards cost 30 kr.

Loan period

  • Books, audiobooks, e-books and magazines: 4 weeks, unless otherwise stated. With waiting lists of four or more people, the loan period will be 2 weeks.
  • DVD: one week
  • Everything must be returned in time.
  • Every loan can be renewed, unless there is a waiting list or you have exceeded the maximum amount of renewals. Renewals can be done here.

Fines and compensation

  • First time: 30 kr. (20 kr. for kids)
  • Second time: 50 kr. (40 kr. for kids)
  • If you fail to return the book after the second time, the book must be compensated, in addition to the fines.
  • Every unpaid compensation claims will be sent to the municipality for further collection.
  • Patrons who fail to pay will be denied.