Scan, copy and printing

We have a scanner, copier and printer available for everyone. The offer is self-service, and copy can only be used during serviced opening hours.


1: Place what is to be scanned on the scanner glass.

2: Touch the home symbol.

To email

3: Press «Scanner».

4: Touch “Specify destinations”.

5: Touch “Enter Using keyboard”.

6: Enter your e-mail and finish with “Done”.

7: Select your preferences in the menu on the right.

8: Press “Start”.

9: You will now get a preview. Press “Send” if you are satisfied.

To memory storage device

3: Touch “Print/Scan (Memory Storage Device)”.

4: Press “Sac to storage device”.

5: Touch your storage device.

6: Place the original on the disc or the feeder and press “Start”.

7: Then press “Scan Next Original” to scan more.

8: Press “Finish Scan” when everything is scanned.

9: Touch the memory storage symbol to remove the device.

10: Then select the device to be removed, and press “Ok”.

11: Then press “Close”.


1: Place what is to be copied in the feeder or on the scanner glass.

2: Touch the home symbol.

3: Press «Quick Copy».

4: Choose your preferences.

5: Press «Start».


Our new printing solution Princh is a user-friendly solution, which gives you the opportunity to print from both PC, tablet and mobile.


1: Mobile and tablet
Download the Princh app from the App store or Google Play. Watch the information videos for iPhone or Android to see the steps.

2: Own PC
You can print from your own PC by going to Watch the information video to see the procedure.

3: Library PCs
From the library’s machines you can print in the usual way. After pressing “Print”, you will be directed to an area where you select your preferred settings. Watch the information video to see the steps.

Payment options

Further information about Princh can be found on the service’s website, in addition to the information posters in the library. Feel free to ask a librarian if you have any questions.

Prices for copy and print (per page)

A4 (black/white)

A4 (colour)


A3 (black/white)


A3 (colour)


+ 1 kr. for the first page.

Payment at the counter.